Serenity Now!

Session Four

In Which We Are All Lucky To Be Alive

Session 4:

Cap’n tries to tell Tessa a story. She can’t stay awake. Cap’n tries again, Doc helps by making the story scary. It’s a scary bunny story. Tessa is wide the fuck awake now, crying, and wants her comfort stuffed animal. Doc sneaks into Tessa’s room cuts a leg off of the giant stuffed rabbit and leaves it there. Cookie and Rob Thomas go to Tessa’s room and examine the bunny, they decide that it would make a great costume for RT so he could sneak in the mansion. Doc, Cookie, and RT perform surgery on the stuffed rabbit and also plant fake blood in the costume, for the lolz. The Cook and Doc take RTRabbit and the Doc tells the doorman that he is the personal Dr of Tessa Mei and that she needs her “comfort animal” so that she can sleep. They make it past the guard, and Doc punches RDRabbit to prove that he’s a stuffed animal. RDR starts struggling once they are out of earshot of the guard. Tessa huddles under her bed in fear, as she’s freaked out from the story. Black Fox and Finn get rescued by the Cook, Doc and RDRabbit. They go look for Tessa to scare her. Finn sees good omens. They find Tessa’s room, and Black Fox says this is the room with the treasure. They try to get Tessa to open the door. She opens it momentarily, sees Finn (whom she does not recognize) she panics and slams the door. Another door opens and it’s the Magistrate’s bodyguard. The bodyguard immediately recognizes Black Fox and yells. RDR slabs the blood packs and everyone panics. Finn pulls a gun on the BG, BF says “don’t kill anyone!” Finn fires his gun at the ceiling. Cookie tells the BG to get the fuck back in the room he was in. Tessa hides in her room. Cap’n tells Tessa that he’s gonna come save her. Cap’n goes to get the ship. The BG starts yelling and goes to tackle BF against a wall. BF gets the wind knocked out of him and falls to the floor. RDR goes to stab the BG and he mostly nicks him. Doc yells: “The companion is under attack!! The Black Fox is attacking!! Protect the companion!!” Finn attacks the BG with his whip. Doc, Cook and BF run into Tessa’s room when she finally recognized them. The magistrate comes out and gets into an altercation with Finn and RDR. Cook asks what BF what his plan is now, BF says look for the safe. BF looks for the safe. RDR and Finn incapacitate the guard and the magistrate. BF finds what he wants in the safe and a mysterious package that he calls “insurance.” They leave Tessa tied up to be found as a victim. RDR spooks Tessa. Cap’n comes to save the crew minus Tessa and the magistrate and the BG are knocked out. Everyone goes back to save Tessa. Tessa uses her wiles to refuse to be saved. Cap’n takes the magistrate and dusts off for a secluded location. Doc calls for a plan with Cookie, Cap, Finn and RDR. Cap loses his shit on the crew.



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