Serenity Now!

Session Two

In Which Work Gets 'Tricky'

Tessa Mei gets ready for her job. BF calls on the intercom and asks to see the crew in the Mess Hall. BF starts to tell us what the situation is on Hera. BF says his house has anti aircraft protection which would make a stakeout flyby difficult, he also says he wants to go to Serenity Valley to pay his respects at the memorial before the job. Cap argues that the job comes first. Cap refuses to touch down if we go to Serenity Valley first, says we need more money. Doc says BF should wear a disguise. Tessa says she has clothes that’ll fit him. Cap, Cook, Doc and Rob T make a plan. Cap no longer trusts BF. Tessa perty’s up BF, poorly. BF is wearing a homemade crop top and a maxi skirt, shitty make up and he is noticeably furry as FUCK. He changes into his own clothes. Tessa gives Cap the coordinates for her job, BF reluctantly gives directions to his house using landmarks. Doc is dressed in his Alliance uniform for the trip to the memorial site. Rob Thomas flies the ship past the job site and sees armed guards on tall brick walls fencing the property in. More than a dozen guards, no more than 35. Shuttle ejects with BF, Doc, Cap and Tessa inside. Cookie and RT stay on the ship. BF directs the shuttle to the landing site. We land 2km from Tessa’s job, Tessa walks to her job. BF, Doc and Cap go to the memorial site, it’s night but it’s well lit and there are some people around. BF gets recognized almost immediately as he’s observing the memorial, and a rowdy angry crowd forms. Cap tries to invoke his good name and fails. A fight breaks out. Doc whips out his bonesaw, Cap backs off and tries to get BF to follow. BF and Doc are ready to rock, BF bum rushes right into the fray. Doc bashes a guy in the neck and takes him outta commision. Cap retreats toward the ship. BF kicks a lot of ass, Doc busts some faces up and then gets kinda hurt. The crowd gets scared and panics, the crew and BF tell the crowd that they didn’t fuckin’ see any Black Fox. BF pays his respects at the memorial and Doc does drugs. Doc, Cap and BF take the shuttle back to the ship. BF goes to his quarters and Cap locks him in there. Cookie and RT are wasted, RT decides to buzz the ground with the ship and holy shit he pulls it off. Doc gets drunk. Cookie and RT are driving the ship drunk and Cap gets mad about it. Doc offered to patch BF up, BF said “no.” They landed the ship, which was in the air the whole time.

The next morning, the crew (minus Tessa is in the mess) getting some hair of the dog. BF is still in his quarters, until he is roused and told to meet up at the mess to plan their next move. BF says that after last night he shouldn’t show his face too much and the crew will have to do most of the job on their own. RT has a video of the flyby that they did the day before and they use it to ascertain exactly how much security the house has and what kind of weaponry they have. It’s lookin’ pretty scary. Lots of security guards, lots of fancy guns and vehicles. Cap pulls up the property records on the Cortex. Cap wants to talk his way in before fighting or doing something blatantly overt. The property is owned by Magistrate Evans, a former Alliance giant. He oversaw the non-jury trial of the Black Fox… who turned himself in for piracy, high treason, theft of alliance property, etc. He quotes the Declaration of Independence of the United States, before getting cut off, pleads not guilty, and is sentenced to 25 years in a penal colony.

The crew debates ideas on how to infiltrate the compound. Capt wants to get an audience. Cook can fill in for a line chef, and sneak HRT in with his equipment. Or Doc can do the same. Or both can go in. The crew realizes that Tessa Mei’s customer IS THE MAGISTRATE and she has effectively already infiltrated. Regardless of the fact that she’s ALREADY THERE and HAS A PORTABLE CORTEX the crew continues to argue how to get in. The finalized plan is thus:

Have BF make a map
General recon
Cook sneaks HRT3 in, via a makeshift food cart under the guise of being Tessa’s private cook
HRT3 looks for escape tunnel, sneaks out
The crew uses the tunnel at night to steal the shit and take Tessa back



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