Serenity Now!

Session Five

In Which a Crew-member Dies!

RT, Doc, and Cookie go off to palaver in private. Cap talks to the Magistrate. Magistrate doesn’t remember shit, just being knocked out. Cap offers to take the Magistrate back to his compound. Cap discloses to the Magistrate that he is somebody famous (Jimmy fill this shit in). The Magistrate agrees to staying in the Captain’s Quarters. Cap tells RT, Doc and Cookie that they plan to double cross the Mag, Cap suggests that anyone that the Mag will recognize should lay low in BF’s Quarters. Cook, the only one that would be recognized refuses to leave the bridge. Cap plans to take the shuttle close to the compound, drops the Mag off, picks up Tessa and tries to negotiate a rescuing fee from the Mag. Cap drops off the Mag in the shuttle, asks if he can pick up Tessa Mei. The compound is full of feds. Mag pays Tessa, refuses to pay more, even tho something bad coulda happened to Tessa. Tessa IS PISSED, wants to call her mother. The crew meets up in the galley, and RT shoots Cap in the foot. Doc holds a cloth soaked in knock out juice on the Cap’s face. Cap tries to fight back by shooting at Doc, RDT shoots and kills the Captain. Tessa tries to become Capt. BF starts yelling on the intercom, he wants to know who is shooting, Doc talks to him in the intercom. BF realizes that he is trapped in his quarters with Finn. Doc asks if anyone the hires companions might have bounties on their heads. Cooke and RDT start cutting down the door to BF quarters. They got in and talk to BF. Doc makes “art” with Cap’s body. Cookie tells BF that we are near Osirus. RDT is freaked out by Doc’s masterpiece. Cookie goes and see’s Doc’s handiwork and decides to try to cook the ears. They wonder what to do with DOc’s masterpiece and stuff it in the freezer to show Tessa Mei later. Labels the meat popsicle as “Organs.” Black fox tries to convince the crew to go to Persephone. Henry Robert Thomas III wants to go, Doc is hesitant but agrees. Psycho music plays as we fly off into the deep darkness of space. We have stared into the abyss and the abyss has stared back. Black Fox also gave Doc the 2,000 credits to split between the crew. The crew loots the Cap’s stuff. RDT finds a letter that was in Cap’s possession.



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