Serenity Now!

Session One

In Which We Get 'Work'

Landed on Paquin, carnival festival planet. Trying to locate a bar to find a job. Left for a bar next to an opera house. Captain and Rob Thomas realize that someone stole money from them by a grifter. We pursue the guy that robbed us. (We should all consider an ATHLETICS special in RUNNING). Cook says “fuck this” and goes back to the ship. Tessa Mei catches up BARELY, we get our money back. (HENRY ROBERT THOMAS III also booted the thief in the head for good measure.) We divvied up the money and headed to the bar. There’s a bar fight going on as we walk in. It’s the Black Fox fighting some punk kids. Doc threatens to shoot if he can’t get a drink. We “save” Black Fox. Black Fox offers us a job. Some kinda sneak in and take it job. Taking his money from the Alliance. We go back to our ship and discuss the job with Black Fox. We take the job for $1,500.

“What’s a Progressive?”
“It’s a soup!”

We get to know Black Fox in the mess hall. He worked on a shitty ship, then he got a new ship named it the Cutty Sark. Had it for 10 years and then the war came. He sold the ship, moved to Hera as a horse seller. War starts and he joins the Independence as a privateer. He surrendered the ship at the end of the war and the feds took his house. He wants to sneak into his house on Hera and steal his money back from his safe. BF is banged up real good and Doc takes him to the medbay to get him fixed up (Doc is a weirdo). Captain and HENRY ROBERT THOMAS III talk Tessa Mei into taking 1/10th of the jobs take. It’s morning, Cook is sleeping so there’s not food. Tessa Mei makes tea in nothing but shorts and the Capt yells at her so she goes back to her bunk to put on new clothes. We wake up Black Fox and talk to him about stuff. Doc mentions that the BF has a history of commandeering ships. BF and crew plan the heist, Tessa skips the planning goes to her room to look for clients on Hera, Cook has diarrhea and he skips the planning too. Rob Thomas tells everyone his inventory. Tessa Mei secures a job on Hera.



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