Serenity Now!

Session Three

In Which We Go Down the Rabbit Hole

Cap’n just brings up that we shouldn’t steal away Tessa Mei. Doc pretends to be Tessa Mei and everybody laughs. Ha Ha Ha. “Dick Dick Dick Dick, Custard Cannon” Fox drew up map, Doc is drunk and cannot make words. BF says there’s a trap door. Henry Robert Thomas III and Cookie will have to leave at 0430 and travel on foot on in a vehicle. We are parked outside of the town. We decide we’re going to attempt the sneaking by renting a car and showing up later in the day, after 1500. Doc has made Henry Robert Thomas III a diaper and Cookie will give Henry Robert Thomas III a couple protein bars. Doc has an idea to watch things in town but Cap’n says no. BF says there’s a buddy of his in town and suggests meeting but Cap’n insists on meeting him outside of the ship. BF says to meet him alone. Cap’n wants to install a biometric scanner but after protests does not. Cap’n tries to remove the ignition coil and succeeds perfectly. A vehicle rental place is found quite nearby. Cookie is unhappy that we’re not being picked up by the rental. Cap’n and Cookie are attempting to make a cart with a false cabinet to fit Henry Robert Thomas III in to smuggle him in. After spending 2 hours we have made a false bottom for Henry Robert Thomas III and it looks good including a table cloth over the false bottom. Cookie and Henry Robert Thomas III are brought to the rental place, Henry Robert Thomas III inside the cart already. We have also called Tessa to trick her that we are bringing her tea and food. Tessa lists off a list of food that Magistrate and her want. Cookie makes note of this. Tessa has called Magistrate “Mag-y-poo” Doc attempts to make Duck Marmalade, poisoned. Cookie brings the Duck Marmalade. We need to stop and pick up an orange marmalade. Cookie buys goose and buys Plum Wine. When Cookie gets back he sees Cap’n talking to some new guy. BF told names, Zarafin (aka Fin). Zarafin calls Cap’n “Cap’n Asshole” (introduced by BF) Zarafin told stories about whore fucking with BF from during the war. Stumpy? Cap’n invites him in first. They search for the Doc for booze and drugs. BF greats Fin. They Bro out, FIn is homeless, sleeping couch to couch. A fight almost breaks out over Fin seeing Alliance colours on Doc. Cookie and Henry Robert Thomas III go to the estate, Cookie is asked for ID which he doesnt have. Tessa Mae is brought out with a butler to confirm Cookie’s story. Cookie greets her as Tessa Baby. “Miss Mae, is this the man that you spoke of?” Cookie has convinced Tessa to NOT drive the hovercraft. I do not know what is happening right now. Big old fashioned iron gate, with a big brick wall. Less guards on the inside. About 25ft between wall and house. Cookie brings cart inside. Cookie and Valet make small talk. Tessa Mae is upstairs “Magistrate doesn’t like to share his bed. Tessa Mae has her own room” Tessa is a bed hog. Real awkward conversation. Apparently the Valet had it in with Tessa. “It was nice.” Estate has hardwood floors, few to no people inside at all. Cookie attempts to make food from the cobble together ingredients. (Cap’n has stated at the goal is infiltrating the compound +2 towards that goal) The house chef has to make some swill for the Magistrate but Magy doesn’t like the Marmalade. After everybody has cleared out, Cookie gets Henry Robert Thomas III out and Cookie holds Henry Robert Thomas III up to piss in the sink. Cookie is surprised when Tessa Mae comes in shouts and Henry Robert Thomas III spins around and pisses on Cookie’s back. WE have seen an insight to Scott and Sarah’s life. Tessa sexy persuades Cookie to make a snack and bring it to her room. Rob Thomas starts sneaking around the house and making a map. Capt, Doc, Finn, BF are playing Toll Card. RT can’t find shit for the longest time, then when he finds something promising he is forced to hide. Cookie brings Tessa her snack and on his way back down he sees a security guard moving around. RT finds the escape tunnel but traps himself in there by accidentally breaking off the handle of the door to the tunnel. RT manages to tell the crew that he’s stuck and needs help. Capt wants to blow a hole in the earth to get RT out. The crew settles on something more subtle, with blow up as a backup plan. They go to the tunnel. They get RT back on the com, he’s pissed. Everyone trying to pry the door open. They pry it open and hrt3 crawls out. Black fox crawls in and grabs comes back out with a bag of stuff including money and his revolver. We head back to the ship.
The black fox says the rest of the money is in a concealed safe. We lock fin in the passenger wing. Debates on the plan begin. Cap’n wants up to go back in. Doc suggests we use the whore and tell her that cookie left some tools. Black fox suggests we get him in via escape tunnel. Tessa somehow speaks from the ethereal plane saying we are dumb and she could just go get it instead.
Cap’n suggests we send black fox and fin into the house via the trap door. Tessa would have to open it. The Cap’n tells Tessa that the magistrate stole from one of our friends. He commits to telling her a story so she stays up late enough to let them in.



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